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                                  carnage crew projects in progress

1952 Desoto with Art Morrison chassis and a 472 injected hemi. It will have several body modifications that will be hard to spot. Front sheet metal will be shortened 2.5". Bumpers will be narrowed and moved back into front sheet metal. The head lights,tail light will be frenched in slightly. The dash will be modified to fit push button shifter for the 4L80E trans from TCI. The goal is to make many mods but still retain it's original cool looks .          

                        carnage crew saves a desoto from

                                            the crusher     

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                              body back from media blaster time for some rust repair
                                     Art  Morrison chassis with Carnage Crew mods                                           

                                            build new front frame rails


                         one off body / motor / trans mounts


                          mount body / trans /engine/ and fab stainless headers 



                                                sheet metal and fab wheel tubs






             modify fire wall and air conditioning fan transition to fit vintage air
                                  move front wheel opening 2.5 inch
                                            move grill and sheet metal  1.5 inches       











king of the hammers 2013

2011 salt flats





Carnage Crew will be at the LA roadster show






Carnage Crew will be at the good guys show in Longmont Colo..




2013 king of the hammers prep.
2011 bonneville saltflats R&D trip






Carnage Crew will be at the 2012 KING OF THE HAMMERS race


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